Women’s Promotion Centre (WPC) is a not-for-profit Non-Governmental Organisation that has existed since 2004 as a non-profit women’s organization and registered under the Tanzania NGO Act 2002, section 12(2) with Reg. No.00NGO/08295. Ten years after its creation, WPC has grown and developed into a potentially dynamic and strong local organisation representing a lead feminist voice in the remote Western part of Tanzania. Born of the need to address fundamental women’s problems in the region, WPC has been working directly with key affected women communities (rural women, adolescent girls, women living with HIV, women with disability) and other community key actors to ensure that women’s rights, are fundamental to women’s welfare and social development. In this strategy, we opted for empowering community members and women’s groups to become frontline activists in preventing violence against women and promoting women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR).

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Mission and Vision

WPC’s envisions a society that recognizes and respects women’s rights and dignity, and upholds equality between women and men. Our mission is to foster and empower women’s groups to build a strong women’s movement from the grassroots to bring positive change of individual behaviour and social policy context.