Violence Prevention

Whilst many women achieve greater productions and income ownership, without enjoying respect, value and dignity, most of them may not freely enjoy the benefits from their efforts. It’s our belief, that in a highly discriminatory and VAW - dominated society like ours the struggle for women’s rights, equality and dignity should precede the efforts for economic empowerment. As women, it’s important to create a better context that will enable us to enjoy the fullest of opportunities that exist in the society. Without a receptive and enabling context, all our efforts might end up unrecognized, sabotaged or exploited

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR)

SRHR are at the heart of development, and empowering people -with specific focus on women and girls -to exercise these rights will go a long way towards addressing the structural inequities that consistently oppress and disenfranchise them. To be fully enfranchised, to exercise their rights, and to participate freely in their society; women and girls must first be empowered to exercise choice and decision-making ability over their sexual and reproductive lives and identities; and must do so safely; and free from any form of threats, violence, or coercion.